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Red Flags Over Red Ink

Insiders are once again waving red flags over the Liberal government’s mismanagement and misplaced priorities. As with whistle-blowers that exposed failings at Ornge, we recently saw a calendar of budget items leaked by civil servants fed up with partisan vote-buying disguised as public policy.

Those appalled at the $1.1 billion wasted on gas plant cancellations to secure five Liberal-held ridings should brace themselves: $5.7 billion in spending announcements – many of them reheated promises from the past – are slated to be rolled out in advance of the 2014 Budget.

Last week’s economic statement arrived six months after it was legally due. Despite the delay, it contained no plan to reduce the deficit. It predicts deficit elimination by 2017-18, but omits medium-term plans to reach that target. In the past 10 years, Ontario’s debt has ...

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